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Be Sure to Keep These 3 Tips in Mind When Buying Hair Extensions!

Posted on April 28 2016

Not all hair extensions are as described.
Knowing the following tips when buying your hair extensions will help you avoid being, cheated with cheap hair for superior price. Apart from knowing the origin and features of the human or synthetic hair that you purchase, you must also know what kind of hair extensions you need.

1.    What kind of hair do I need?

As mentioned in previous post there are many different hair types whether synthetic or human. We only sale Virgin remy hair extensions. You also have different hair patterns to choose from. What kind of texture are you looking for? Wavy, or straight? There are other textures to choose from but this is something else you must think about.

2.    What length do you need?

 Hair extension lengths range from 12"-30". Lets take a look at some of the most popular lengths we have.

  • 16” –if your hair falls up till the back of the bra line or till the bust in front.
  • 20” –if your hair falls up till the end of the bra line at the back or below the bust in front;
  • 24” –if your hair falls up till the waist or below the buckles of your belt in front;

The ideal length of hair to get is 20” if you have medium length of hair. 

3.    How much Hair are you getting?

Most hair stylist recommend at least 2 bundles to accomplish your desired look. However, when getting longer length hair extensions it may require a 3rd or 4th bundle! Consult with your hairstylist for their recommendation of how many bundles you need to achieve your desired look. We recommend to get at least 2.


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