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What are the Different Types of Virgin Hair Extensions?

Posted on April 28 2016

Why Should You Choose Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair extensions can come from many places around the world. Depending upon the origin of the hair, the quality, type and durability is different. The best hair extensions start with the highest quality. This is why we never sacrifice quality, take pride in the superb quality of our hair extensions.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed hair, with the cuticle still intact. It is free from dyes, perms, bleaches and hard washes. Our hair comes from a single donor. Because Virgin hair is natural, be sure to treat it with the same care and attention that you give your own hair. 

8 Types of Virgin Hair: 


Ethnicity of the Hair: Brazilian hair comes from diverse genetic descendants, the popular being European, Indian and Africa. (grades vary based on supplier)

  • Grade A: Anglo or European descent of Brazilian hair has a soft texture that is ideal for constructing wigs that are lacy too.
  • Grade B: Thicker than the Grade A, this Brazilian hair is a mix of hereditary factors and is wavier than most.
  • Grade C: Coming from the African (Caribbean) populous of Brazil, this Brazilian hair extension blends with most hair easily.

Features- Naturally straight, wavy or curly, Brazilian hair is heavy and range in multiple colors from dark brown to even black or copper.  The trendiest hair extension currently, Brazilian hair is a good blend with most hair. It is the ideal hair if you want to add bounciness to the hair.


Ethnicity of the Hair- Collected from the women devotees at the sacred shrine like that of Tirupati (South India) offered as mite to the deity. There are two main types of Indian hair varieties- Remy and Virgin.

Features- Indian hair ranges from shades of Brown to Black with a lush denier and coarse texture. The hair is innately shiny and smooth, apart from being easy to style. However, Indian hair should be avoided if you’re looking for bounciness to your hair.  


Ethnicity of the Hair- Obtained from the poorer womenfolk of the country owing to its low population (2.6 million), the descent of the hair is Spanish and Indian.

Features- Naturally straight, Peruvian hair can be straight, curly or wavy as well as thick in various shades of brown. A very expensive air extension, too much Peruvian hair looks square on the head.


Ethnicity of the Hair- Obtained from women who offer their hair in reverence and mite to the deities at the sacred shrines, Malaysian Hair is smooth and thicker than Indian variety of hair.

Features- Soelly available in dark shades, Malaysian hair is perfect to blend Afro hairstyles.


Ethnicity of the Hair- Sourced from womenfolk of the country who sell the hair for profit, Mongolian hair is an amalgam of Chinese and Malaysian.

Features- It is thin, soft and shiny and varies in colors ranging from black to blonde.


Ethnicity of the Hair- The hair is obtained from women devotees who offer hair to the deities at the sacred shrines as well as for profit. The hair is an ideal blend of Chinese and Indian Hair however, look for the curl at the end of the hair, when buying virgin Burmese hair. 

Features- Naturally straight, Burmese hair lasts for a longer time than most other hair extensions. The same is why styling is difficult on the hair.


Ethnicity of the Hair- Sold by woman for profit, Russian hair is sourced from people who follow a nutritious, high-vitamin and low sugar diet.

Features- A high quality hair, Russian hair is blonde to Brown, with natural waves and straightness.


Ethnicity of the Hair- Sold for profit, Chinese Hair is thin, straight and difficult to style.

Features- Straight and shiny on its own, Chinese Hair is difficult to be curled but it is reflective and soft.

 Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the virgin hair extension you purchase have never been processed. 
  • Never sacrifice quality!!!
  • Do your research before making a purchase.



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